VertiGate – Standard System

VG-1000: Our standard gate system meets all needs from residential to the high duty-cycle demands of commercial and industrial users. Technical Specification Schematic


  • Pickets – Steel and aluminum square tube. Steel pickets are pre-galvanized.
  • Rails – 2″ x 2″ square tube steel and aluminum. Steel rails are pre-galvanized.
  • Operator – 10-gauge steel with ¼” steel reinforcing and mounting flanges.
  • Operator enclosure – 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal.
  • Finish – 2 step powdercoat (zinc and color) with additional anti corrosive treatment for marine locations.

Lifting Mechanism

Modified ball screw linear actuator and spring counter balance.

Power System

12 Volt Direct Current — VertiGate operates from a 12V battery sized for your applications. A standard automobile battery is appropriate for all but very high commercial traffic (over 800 cycles per day). For high commercial traffic we suggest a larger RV marine deep cycle battery for uninterrupted extended use through power failures. Over one thousand cycles are possible with no power. A small trickle charger (1.5 – 3 amp) keeps the battery charged. The AC circuit normally provided for the charger receptacle, never needs to provide more than 40 watts to the system. This makes the electric bill almost negligible. A gate operation of over 1000 cycles per day probably won’t reach $1.00 per month on your electric bill!


No power at your gate site? No need to trench. The battery can be recharged by the sun. Add a solar panel suitable for your location and you are set.


Solid state self diagnostic electronics are enclosed in a weather tight control box. Loop detectors are board mounted and LED indicators show inputs, outputs and status. All connections to the board are through high quality plug in connectors. Interfaces with any dry contact accessory, entry system, security system, etc. A radio remote receiver and two transmitters are included with each gate. The controls may be mounted up to 10 feet away from the operator. All control wiring is included.


Infrared beam sensor automatically reverses to keep gate from closing on cars, people or pets. Current sensing stops the gate when an obstruction is detected. Additional safety options are available depending on individual requirements.

UL 325 compliant.

Manual Release

A lockable lever located on the upper rail allows simple, one hand operation should automatic mechanism become inoperable.

Dual & Master/Slave Systems

By combining two gates, you can span up to 36′ of driveway width. These can operate independently (entry/exit) or simultaneously (master/slave). They may have a 2 sided center catch post (independent operation) or have no center post (independent or master/slave). An electric magnetic lock can be mounted in the center pickets for additional security. A shock absorber extends from the bottom of the center pickets in the no catch post systems and centers in a stainless steel guide pocket mounted in center of the roadway. Technical Specification Schematic

Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA)

An optional emergency access barrier up to 18′ that can be annexed to any of our gate models to provide a combined access of up to 36′. This optional barrier section includes a catch post which sets in a fold down driveway mounted receiver. Upon release by emergency personnel, the barrier and catch post lifts and folds mechanically to create clearance required. The main barrier is triggered to open at the same time and will remain open until the emergency section is reset in normal operating position. Technical Specification Schematic


Your VertiGate system can be designed with a wide range of options.
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