The Gate That Lifts and Folds

Intelligent Design

  • The VertiGate is a complete gate system that ships ready to install and includes the integrated operator, barrier, catch post and controls.
  • With an operator footprint of just 12” x 20”, it requires no additional real estate to be dedicated.
  • Designed for 1000+ cycles per day.
  • Opens fully in just 9 seconds.

Energy Efficient & Safe

  • VertiGate is a battery powered, 12 volt system that can be either trickle charged (AC) or solar charged. If the power goes out, the gate continues to operate.
  • The standard VertiGate comes with 2 safety systems; an infrared beam sensor and current sensing.
  • A lockable manual release is incorporated into the upper rail and can be reached from either side. Our counterbalanced mechanism allows the barrier to be opened with little effort.

VertiGate is Your Gate

  • With our quality product and ease of installation, VertiGate is the gate for all of your applications.
  • Manufactured in Southern California, we ship all over the world.
  • Our standard model VG-1000 meets every residential expectation for beauty and value, while standing up unflinchingly to the high duty-cycle demands of commercial and industrial users.
  • We collaborate with architects and installation professionals to meet specifications and implement systems tailored to your requirements.